Sugar Daddy Dating: More Questions than Answers

Sugar daddy dating has come to the fore again in recent times - with several distinct points of view on the subject being apparent, and a multitude of questions being asked....

Sugar Daddy Dating

Is sugar daddy dating a new phenomenon? Is it moral? Is such compensated dating just thinly veiled prostitution? Is it legal? Is it safe?

These and more questions are being bandied around again following recent disclosures that many of the sugar babies who offer themselves and their companionship on well-known sugar daddy sites are university students who are struggling to make ends meet financially.

The cost of tuition fees, of daily expenses and the cost of living either on campus or close to universities which are in major cities means that, if most students don't secure a part time job, then they will be finishing their education with large debts to pay off.

Seeking and securing a sugar daddy on one of the popular dating sites catering to this niche is, for many female students, seen as an ideal way to get relatively well paid for companionship and whatever else they wish to indulge in - and always with the chance that they may find a rich, older man who will not only provide financial assistance but keep them in a lifestyle they aspire to (as well as helping them pay off their debts!)

Enrolment and on-going activity by aspiring sugar babies on many sugar daddy sites peaks around the time that tuition fees are due (usually twice yearly). In fact, sugar daddy sugar baby arrangements are not confined to young women and older men but there are also sites which cater to same-sex couples looking for such arrangements, or sugar mommas for male students, although these tend to be in the minority.

So, whilst many female students are pragmatic enough to accept that dating a sugar daddy is one way to mitigate or alleviate debts associated with their studies, some social commentators, academics and the like argue there are some major downsides being overlooked.

Whilst it is generally accepted that sugar daddy dating is a modern twist on an age-old arrangement, observers note that, as the cost of tuition and rent rises, so does the apparent popularity of such sites amongst students.

Most concerns centre around the legalities of accepting gifts, payment of tuition fees or monthly rental dues or other payments from sugar daddies in return for companionship and, in a very high percentage of cases, sexual activity. Such compensated dating, depending on who you talk to, may just fall into the prostitution bracket. And, even if it doesn't, what about the moral aspects of young women providing sexual favours in return for monetary compensation. It's not new, and nobody said it is, but with the proliferation of sugar daddy sites and the over usage by many students, this emotive subject has become a major attention grabber!

Then there is the safety factor with some arguing that, whilst many sugar babies think they are simple enjoying securing financial relief, they are getting involved in something more exploitative and dangerous.

Still, whichever viewpoint you take, there's no denying that sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites and the means for the protagonists to easily connect with each other on the internet are definitely not going to suddenly disappear in the short term!