How to Deal With the Fact That Your Sugar Daddy is Married

Let's face it: as a sugar baby you are probably not going to be the only woman in your sugar daddies life. Aside from the previous sugar babies he has had, he could very well be married. Make sure that this situation is one that you are comfortable with. If you have doubts, then find another sugar daddy, not matter how sweet this one is. There are plenty of sugar daddies in the UK!

Married Sugar Daddy

The marriage will be more important to the sugar daddy then you

As a sugar baby you are probably used to being pampered and treated specially. With a married sugar daddy this may not be the case. Even though he spends time with you, his family will be of far greater importance. He might be late to dates, or have to leave early, so be tolerant of this fact (or find another sugar daddy!) While a married UK sugar daddy might not have as much time to spend, he will often be more affectionate to make up for it.

Deal with the fact emotionally

This is easier to say then do. If you want to maintain the relationship with your married sugar daddy, then you need to be comfortable with the fact that you are the 'other woman'. Look upon it as a positive thing. It is becoming more and more common in the UK for a sugar daddy's mistress to be known to the wife, rather than it being a dirty secret. If there is something that he is not getting from his wife, then this is going to put stress on his marriage. If he fills this need elsewhere, you could be saving his relationship with his wife.

Try to keep your emotional distance. If you find yourself falling for your sugar daddy, then it might be time to call it off. Marrying your sugar daddy is an excellent idea, unless he is already married.

You can't leave evidence

This is true, even if the wife knows about you. There is no need to put additional stress on your married sugar daddy. Be careful of your makeup and perfume. Don't leave a lipstick on his collar! Go as natural as possible, and leave the glitter behind. As for perfume, make sure it isn't too strong. Remember that your relationship is a secret, even if you are normally open about your lifestyle. If he takes you somewhere special, keep it to yourself! Don't tell your friends and don't put it on social media! If the secret gets out, it will be over between you.