Diaries of a Sugar Daddy Couple Traveling in London

Sugar daddy Ben and sugar baby Lisa are from Seattle. We have asked them to record how they feel during their trip to London in July 2018, so now let's have a look:

Sugar Daddy Couple

July 2018 A Trip to London (by Ben)

I met Lisa on a sugar daddy dating website in June 2018. After going out for a few dates with Lisa, I have decided to take her to London for our first holiday together.

We stay at a cozy hotel in Central London where we can access the hustle and bustle of this elegant city. I'm 45 years old - not young anymore. Whenever Lisa and I go out together, she either proactively kisses me in public or makes me laugh all the time. Lisa is only 21 years old - she makes me feel young and energetic!

People envy me because of my loving and pretty Lisa who is an underwear model in the United States. Lisa has the best figure that I've ever seen in my life. In London, I look like a posh American because of Lisa.

Admittedly, I'm not a sex god anymore because of my age (I peaked in my twenties), but Lisa always makes me feel amazing - she says I'm the best lover she has ever had. Making love with Lisa makes me feel like 22 again.

July 2018 A Trip to London (by Lisa)

I really love the silver cutlery on the plane as we fly first-class to London. The food and wine are scrumptious! Every meal is designed by a celebrity chef that I admire. Ben and I have a big bed as well as office space on the plane. Ben looks after me so well!

Ben takes me to Soho, Central London and we stay at a luxury hotel there. During the daytime, he takes me shopping for luxury clothes and accessories (indeed, Ben is a generous gentleman)! We spend approximately US$4000 (about £3100) per day in London. Ben is showering me with gifts (Chanel purse, Dior outfit, etc.) I believe Ben and I should have more overseas holidays together!

In order to thank Ben for his generosity, I always accommodate his needs in the bedroom! Our main sex positions include: me sitting on top of him; him penetrating me from behind (I love this position because the penetration is SO DEEP).

Because we are in London, we can go out as a couple without hiding from anyone (no one knows us any way)! I really enjoy our freedom while travelling. Ben and I are planning on having another trip to Europe at some stage next year. I can't wait to do this again and I'm already looking forward to it!